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22 February 2015

New Lipstick Additions & Swatches

Just recently I have been buying a few new additions to my lipstick collection. There are two things that I like to collect make-up wise and that's lipstick and eye shadows. I love both. Lipsticks I am a bit more daring with and love a good bold lip- whereas eye shadows I'm very much a neutral gal.

I have been so impressed with the Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Crayons that I bought 3..whoops! I first picked up the red crayon, which as you can see from the packaging it has been well loved!

I was pleased with the colour pay off, It's not quite opaque but it provides a good glossy finish without being sticky, which is a major bonus! No hair stuck to your lips!

The next two I picked up are a bright pink and a brown taupe colour. I've always been a fan of pink lipstick, I think it suits my skin type and really brightens up my face.

Again the colour pay off is lovely, a bright fuchsia pink with a highly glossy finish. I think this one is probably my favourite of the three Colour Rush Lip Crayons.

The Taupe lipstick is definitely one out of my comfort zone, it's a colour that I'm unsure of and I'm not certain if it really suits me or not. However, with the colour being a blogger craze as of late- thanks to the beautiful Kylie Jenner I thought I would give it a whirl.

The colour translated slightly differently to how I would have liked, it is a very light and muted nude shade. I was hoping for more of a dark taupe colour in order to make my lips really stand out. The finish is lovely but overall I'm not that impressed with this shade. This is a shame as I love the other two. I'm mainly using this one on days where I am wearing minimal make-up and just want a slick of gloss to my lips.

Due to my disappointment in the colour of the Taupe lip crayon I decided to try a MAC offering instead, in the form of  'Cream in your Coffee' Which is definitely a dark brown taupe colour.

As you can see, the colour pay off is much darker and more the colour I had in mind when I set out to find my own Kylie Jenner inspired look. I love the glossy finish and the colour is really opaque, meaning you don't have to apply much. This is excellent in terms of value for money as you can get a lot longer life out of it than those shades which need a few applications.

So that concludes what I've been buying in the beauty department just lately! Let me know whether you find the swatches useful and whether you prefer swatches to be applied to the back of my hand, or actually on the lips themselves.


19 February 2015

Bridal Blabber | My top 5 Wedding Related Films

When I got engaged the first thing I did was go out and buy every wedding related film and magazine I could get my hands on. I was like a woman possessed, day dreaming about flowers, colour schemes, fabrics etc.

I have watched these 5 films numerous times and still love them, so I thought I would share them with you. Whether your a fellow bride to be or just love a good old rom-com there will be something for you.

So in no particular order:

1. Bridesmaids

This film keeps me laughing time and time again. It is the perfect girl's night in movie with the battle between two women over the position of being the Bride's best friend. Absolutely hilarious and quite relatable! Definitely a 10/10 wedding film.

2. Bride Wars

Another fantastic comedy film following the rivalry between two friends wanting the same exclusive wedding venue. Another very girly movie and again very relatable in an over the top dispute with wanting to have the 'perfect' day. Definitely a bridezilla element to it!

3. Made of Honour

This movie follow more a rom-com theme. What if your best friend is a man, taking a twist on your usual 'maid' of honour role and add a romantic theme and you have this film. Very watchable and again a funny film.

4. The wedding Planner

There is a much more romantic element to this wedding film, less of the funny more of the complex. It follows an ambitious Wedding Planner yet to find her own husband to be. In a tale of two star crossed lovers with plenty of complications. An easy watch and very heart-warming.

5. The accidental Husband

Another good comedy involving the shocking revelation that amid a sea of wedding plans Emma discovers she's actually already married! in a bid to get everything set straight in time for her pending marriage the search is on to find this mystery husband. Very good film, comical and exciting.

So there we have it, grab a cup of tea put your feet up and pop on one of these films on your next rainy day at home. I know I will be!

Also I had a bit of difficulty naming this series, I decided on Bridal Blabber, though I'm not sure if it will stick!


14 February 2015

Valentine's Day & Big Announcement!

Happy Valentine's Day My Lovelies, Our day started like any good day should, With a lie in. A nice long lie in, followed by the next best thing, breakfast in bed.

I got up,very briefly,to rustle up a nice healthy breakfast of fruity porridge. I love to add fruit to my porridge to make it extra sweet, strawberries, bananas and blueberries are the best.

After being especially lazy we thought it was about time we got up and exchanged gifts, now usually we don't bother with presents, however, this year is a pretty special one and we thought why not. So we treated each other to a little something. My Mr knows me all to well and I was very excited when I opened this gift.

My very own Toothless!! I love 'How to train your dragon' and I love this cute toy, it even say's I love you. The thought of him going in to Build a Bear and making this does make me giggle though!

We spent most of the day being lazy things and watching t.v, just generally enjoying each others company.

Then in the evening I decided to cook a nice meal. I went all out, set the table and everything. How romantic of me!

I rustled up some Mexican Bean Fajitas and spicy wedges for the main. Without tooting my own horn (I totally am) they were scrumptious!

For dessert we decided to go fondue style, with rich dark chocolate and lots of sweet fruit.

Yum. The rest of the night was spent cuddled up watching movies, I managed to persuade him to watch Rio 2, it was fantastic.

So maybe you have been lured here by the post title suggesting a 'big announcement', well wait no more! I am so so so excited to actually be typing this- I am getting married!!

Yep, we've been engaged for 2 years now and finally took the plunge and booked our wedding, I am actually going to be a wife in 2016. I am looking forward to a year of flowers, cake and dress shopping. Prepare yourselves for some wedding related posts!

Thank you to all of you who keep popping back to my little space, I love blogging and really appreciate it :)


12 February 2015

Valentine's Dark Chocolate & Cherry Crispies

Fancy a simple sweet treat for Valentine's day? In a last minute rush to create the perfect dessert for your romantic meal? I have the best treat for you! My Dark Chocolate & Cherry cornflake Crispies. A blend of rich dark chocolate, crispy texture and sweet juicy cherries that are bound to tantalise the taste buds- who could say no?

You Will Need:

1. Cornflakes
2. Chocolate of your choice (I went for dark)
3. Glacier Cherries
4. Heart shape cutter/mould

Step One: Break up the chocolate into a bowl. Pop in the microwave for roughly 2 minutes, stop and stir the mixture every 30 seconds until completely melted

Step Two: In a separate bowl crush up your cornflakes into smaller segments.

Step Three: Mix the cornflake bits into the chocolate gradually, ensure all of the cornflakes are covered well with the melted chocolate.

Step Four: Cut up your glacier cherries into quarters and add to the mix, stir well.

Step Five: Once the mixture is stirred well it is time to fill your love heart shape moulds.  Fill carefully in order to retain the heart shape.

 Easy Peasy! Now just leave to set for an hour or two and you will have the perfect sweet crispy treats in time for Valentine's Day! Sit back, break open the fizz and enjoy.

What are your plans this Valentine's Day?

1 February 2015

A Round Up Of January

I can't believe January is over already! It seems to have flown by in a whirlwind with so much going on the days felt like they were just an hour long. I don't think I've stopped all month!

I've decided to make this a permanent fixture, a review of each month. So that in years to come I can pop back and see what I was doing January 3 years ago, I just thought it would be a nice way to remember the big and little things I have done.

So here we go, the first instalment- January. I kicked off the year fantastically, I graduated from University, one of my proudest moments so far and the best way to kick off 2015. We celebrated with plenty of food and drink and watched the DVD over and over again. It's fair to say I made the most of it.

I managed to get a fair few blog posts up this January too, trying to keep my  new years resolutions in check. Talking about resolutions I am getting closer to one of them- buying our first house! We have been working and saving hard and actually have been approved for a mortgage! So let the house hunting commence- I'm unbelievably excited and can't stop looking at interior décor and furniture. I'm excited about silly little things like being able to lounge in the bath without anyone needing the toilet or baking new recipes in our new kitchen. I'm sure these feelings will pass after a few months but for now I'm glad to be excited and making progress in the right direction!

Another resolution that I've been happy to stick to is spending more time with my family. Me and My Dad love going on walks and have managed to make time in our busy schedules to walk the dog together. I love this resolution and really enjoy sticking to it. My family is important to me and what with me potentially moving out this year I want to cram in as much  time with them as I can.

I've also kept up with my driving lessons, which I wish I had done when I was 17. If I could turn back the clock and kick my 17 year old self who thought that it was more important to use her money to buy clothes rather than drive then I would give myself a good whack. I hate not having the freedom to travel as I wish and having a car would be so much easier. I'm determined by the end of this year to have passed. I will keep you posted.

So there we have it- my very hectic yet special January. Here's to February, let it be just as crazy and whirl wind.