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6 November 2014

Fashion | Winter Wishlist

1. Embellished Playsuit- New Look
2. Faux Fur Trim Biker Boots- River Island
3. Tartan Scarf- Boohoo
4. Cream Fur Trim Coat- Miss Selfridge
5. Tweed Bag- Boohoo
6. Black and gold Prom Dress- Boohoo
7. Black leather look skirt- New Look
8. Gold Glitter Block Heels- New Look

I have been a bit M.I.A in the blogging world as of late as work has just gotten a whole lot crazier, to those of you who blog everyday and have a full time job I salute you!

So now that the mild weather seems to be making it's exit and the cold is starting to set in I have been obsessed with trawling fashion websites for the perfect winter wardrobe. I love the rich textures and colours you can wear in winter from; velvet to pleather, burgundy and gold, I just love it.

Now that Halloween and Bonfire night are over we are all turning our attention towards Christmas, this has been no different for me. I am looking for dresses for evenings, faux fur for day time, anything that sparkles.. I keep seeing things and thinking oo that would be perfect for Christmas!

Although I don't really need any more clothes I just can't help wanting them, so to satisfy my need without breaking my bank I have created this little wish list, that if money were no option I would buy it all. Here are my favourite picks from a few online sites!

The Embellished Playsuit would look amazing for a new years eve party, paired with some glitzy accessories and sky scraper heels it would be the perfect party look. The faux fur trim boots are very practical for this sudden change in weather, keeping your feet both dry and warm. The prom dress and gold block heels are again perfect for a Christmas party look, maybe if you have a works Christmas do or a night on the town with friends, just pop on a faux fur coat and your ready to go.

I hope you can take inspiration from this list, what's on your wishlist this winter?

1 November 2014

Beauty | Vita Liberata NKD SKN Fake Tan Review*

Vita Liberata Fake Tan

I was recently contacted by the digital content executive over at Vita Liberata to see if I would be interested in collaborating with them in which they would pick and send me a product to try out. I love to pop on a bit of fake tan every now and then so decided to give the tan a go!

They picked and sent me the ''Tinted Tan Mousse'', which I was so pleased about as my most used fake tan is the St Moritz mousse. The packaging is very eye-catching and girly and easy to clean once you have done applying the tan.

So let's get down to the good stuff, what is the tan actually like? The claim is that there is 'zero smell, it is easy to apply, it dries instantly and it fades perfectly'.

I applied the tan before I went to bed and then showered in the morning. It was very easy to apply as the guide colour allows you to see if you have missed anywhere or if you have streaks. The colour is more of a red brown to my usual fake tan that has a more green undertone. The colour pay off is good and noticeable, however, I usually prefer to be a bit darker.

There is a slight fake tan smell but it isn't over baring and you would not notice if you just passed by. The tan dries quickly meaning that you can get dressed pretty soon after application which is always a benefit if you are in a hurry. So the claim is actually pretty accurate!

Overall I think the tan is really good and has a good likeness to my all time favourite tan St Moritz. If you fancy a change to your usual fake tan then I would definitely recommend checking out this one over at . The lovely people at Vita Liberata have also given me a 45% off code to share with you so that you too can try out this tan! Just Enter FASHION45 at the check out to receive your discount.

Let me know if you try any of the range!
*The following product was gifted to me. All opinions shared within this post are my own.

30 October 2014

Lifestyle | Carving Pumpkins

Believe it or not, but in my 21 years of living I have never carved a pumpkin! I know, I haven't lived. We decided that enough was enough and dashed off to Tesco to get pumpkins.

Armed with the correct tools and chocolate we made a start. First we chopped off his top..

Then we scooped out the innards..

It's rather messy work! We then gave him his face.

Finally we took him outside and lit his tea light, he's now sat happily with his pumpkin friends.

Have you had a go at carving pumpkins this year?

27 October 2014

Fashion | Salt & Pepper

Hat- Select
Roll neck top- New Look
Salt&Pepper cardigan- Select
Tartan skirt- Asda
Boots- Peacocks
Another weekend has flown by, another week has begun. I wore this outfit for our usual Sunday stroll through the fields. I love the mix of patterns with the chunky knit cardigan and tartan wool skirt. I think the colours are very autumn appropriate with the berry hue mixed with grey and black.
I love hats but always chicken out of wearing them, so I thought I would be braver and attempt to pull it off, how do you think it looks? I'm still coming around to the idea of them. I always see other girls wearing them and think that they look so nice and really bring an outfit together, but when it comes to wearing one myself I shy away.
It's still fairly mild to say that October is drawing to an end, I can get away with not having to wear a coat. I'm pleased but sad about this at the same time, I like to be able to show off what I'm wearing but also I have a nice coat collection going on at the minute and none of them have made their debut as it is just too warm! Who'd have thought I would be saying that!
I don't know if you can tell in these pictures as I'm wearing the hat but I have had my hair done, I have had 4 inches cut off! I have tried to grow my hair for a long time and it was finally long, but all it ever did was knot together, took ages to dry, and was forever frizzy. It was time to make a stand. I sat in the chair and told them, I wanted lowlights and highlights and I wanted a good cut. That is exactly what I got and in all honesty I am so pleased with how it turned out. There have been plenty of times I have left a hairdressers feeling a little deflated, but not this time.
I thought I would also include some candid photos that my dad took of me playing with our dog. She loves a good walk and if there is a stick involved it is all the more fun.

Hope you enjoyed this outfit and a little peak into how I spent my Sunday!
Thanks for reading


26 October 2014

Fashion | My 'Go To' A/W Boots for 2014

Winter Boots

winter boots

One of my Favourite things about the change in season is being able to justify buying new shoes. I love buying winter boots, there is such a variety of styles to choose from, however, I think these 4 pairs of boots cover all angles. This is why they are my go-to boots this A/W 2014.

These first pair are everything I look for in a boot, black, flat and comfortable. Who wants their feet hurting all day? Not me that's for sure. These little beauties are from Peacocks and cost around £22.00 I think. They are easy to wear and go with every outfit. I like that they are a mix of faux leather and suede as it gives them a bit of texture and makes them more than a standard pair of black winter boots.

These are my most recent and my most lusted after boots. I love everything about them, the shiny mock croc effect, the buckles and the little stack heel. These can be worn dressed up or dressed down and that's what makes them the best pair of boots to wear this A/W 14. You can't beat shoes with versatility, the ability to be a day and night shoe means they are cost effective as you can get double the wear out of them. These were £20.00 from Select, meaning they are more affordable than similar pairs that you see in Topshop etc.

Your Shoedrobe is not complete without a pair of Chelsea Boots. These classic, clean looking boots are excellent for this autumn/winter. I chose the heeled pair over the flat style as I wanted something I can wear with leather look trousers and a bit fur coat for evenings out or jeans and a jumper for cosy meals. These cover all bases and were from Primark! You would not have guessed that would you?! I can't remember the exact price but they were around the £15.00 mark, so again very affordable.

Although I'm more a lover of black boots I just couldn't resist these little brown western style boots. They look incredibly cute with indigo blue jeans and a cream cable knit jumper or cardigan. I think they are more autumn appropriate and can be worn with a variety of looks. I like to wear them with dresses to give the outfit a little something different and less girly. These are the most comfy of all the boots featured in this post and for this reason they have had a lot of wear, the more you wear them the comfier they get. These were also from select and were just £10.00 in the sale! What a bargain.

Hope you enjoyed a little peak into what I will be wearing on my feet this autumn/winter. I am still on the hunt for some knee high boots so if any of you have suggestions then I am all ears!

Thanks for reading!