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19 October 2014

Working 9-5

I have been working almost everyday recently, and let me say it is taking its toll. I finally got a day off yesterday (Saturday) and decided to treat myself to a nice ''little'' shopping trip.

Amongst the mountain of things I bought was this tartan check dress. I love the scallop detailing around the bottom.

It just gives the dress a little more of an edge.

I paired it with thick wooly tights, a long duster cardigan and a black and gold necklace.

And my Michael Kors bag got a cheeky outing too, I try and save it for special occasions but how could I resist its' loveliness.

Another sneaky purchase were THESE boots..

Let's just take a moment to appreciate their beauty.

They remind me of some I have seen in Topshop, however these little beauties cost just £20 from Select so were a fraction of the price! I love the mock croc effect as I think it just makes them that bit more interesting than your standard pair of black winter boots.

There we have it folks, some very naughty purchases but there are just too many nice things about at the minute.. I can hear my bank balance crying. There will be more new purchases coming up in my future outfit posts, so keep an eye out for those!

Longline Cardigan- Select
Tartan scallop Dress- Select
Bag- Michael Kors
Necklace- Peacocks
Watch- Michael Kors
Boots- Select
Thanks For reading!

15 October 2014

The Perfect Autumn Palette

Sephora Palette

The Sephora ''Sunrise to Sunset'' Palette has been my go to eye shadow pick since the end of September, you can probably tell by the scratches on the packaging! As soon as the leaves turn golden brown so does my choice in eye shadows.

The palette contains 5 stunning warm shades. Four shimmer and one matte. They range from a light champagne to a deep woody brown.

Sephora Palette

As you can see from the close up pictures of the pigments they are extremely shimmery with the middle gold shade containing small glitter particles. This makes it an ideal palette for the upcoming festive season.

The quality of the eye shadow is excellent. It provides an opaque coverage meaning that you don't have to use too much shadow in one use. There isn't much fall out either which is really good.

Above I have attempted to photograph how I wear the shadows on a day to day basis, I didn't realise how difficult it would be to photograph your own eye! I put a swirl of the lightest champagne in the inner corners of my eyes. I then sweep the 3rd gold shade all over my lid, to finish I blend the deep matte brown into my crease to create definition to the eye.

I was actually bought this as a gift for my 21st Birthday from my lovely friend who was travelling in  America, but now that Sephora ships to the UK it has made it all the more accessible for us bloggers! - is that a hole I feel burning in my pocket?!

All in all this palette is definitely going to be my favourite eye shadow choice this A/W14 and I will continue to sport my golden smokey eye paired with a plum lip until the spring returns. Who could resist a glitzy warm toned make-up look on these cold dreary days.

Have you got a go-to Eye shadow palette this Autumn?

12 October 2014

A Chilly Autumn Walk

I love a good long walk after a hearty Sunday lunch. You can't beat the fresh air lapping around your cheeks and seeing the golden leaves falling from the trees. I have to admit this time of year is my favourite (but that's for another blog post!)

Today we grabbed Tilly's lead and set of for a long autumnal walk over the fields.

Just lately I've been extremely busy at work, what with the festive season coming at a rapid rate everything has stepped up a notch, this means that quality 'me' time has been somewhat lacking. It was nice just to get out in the open and gather my thoughts. To be fair it was lovely to just relax and not worry about anything.

To me Sundays are all about re-grouping yourself, relaxing and preparing to start the next week. What better way to do this than with a walk.

Not only does it make me happy..

It certainly makes her happy.

Ahhh, there is nothing quite like a good long walk, and a happy little dog.

How do you like to spend your Sunday's?

7 October 2014

Demonic Dolly | Halloween Tutorial

Hello October, you came around quick! Seeing as we are now 1 week into October I thought I would share with you a few themed posts; including a couple of make-up looks and some ghoulishly good goodies. See what I did there?

To kick start the Halloween theme I thought I would share a fairly straightforward but very effective make-up look.

You will need:

-White face paint
-Pink blusher
- Dark red/plum lipstick
-False lashes
-Fake blood

First you are going to need to create the ''doll-like'' porcelain skin. Take a 50p sized amount of white face paint and mix it with a 20p sized amount of your usual foundation. I find this helps the face paint apply more evenly. Remember to cover your lips and blend well around the nostrils.

Next you are going to want to apply your pink blusher, any bright pink or red blush will do the job. Swirl this into the apples of your cheeks creating very opaque circles. You can now draw in your eyebrows, either using a pencil liner or liquid. I opted for a black liquid liner from Primark as I find the shiny effect it gives looks almost wax like.

Onto the lips! Take a dark plum or red lipstick and apply in an almost heart-like shape on the lips, missing out the corners of the mouth, this creates a permanent pouting effect.

You can now go on to add the smaller details of the look. I chose to apply some very dramatic eyelashes, Asda's own brand. I also bought the stick on stiches from Asda too for just £3.00, however you could easily draw these on using your liquid liner from earlier. Finally add a few splatters of fake blood and your look is complete!

There you have it! One very demonic dolly.

Did you enjoy this Halloween look?

3 October 2014

ZoellaBeauty - First Impressions on 'Soak Opera'


 When I first heard that Zoe (Zoella) was launching her own bath and body collection I was so excited to see what it would be like! I am so pleased for Zoe, she works so hard on her videos and blog posts, it's nice to see her hard work is paying off.

 It also inspires me to keep up with my own blogging, purely because it's such a fantastic community to be part of. Right enough of the soppiness.. to the collection!

Zoe's range of bath and body care includes; a shower gel, body moisturiser, bath bomb, body mist, candle and two adorable make-up bags. I think this is the perfect amount of products to launch as a first collection.

What with Christmas only being a mere 82 days away (not that I'm counting) I have had to be sensible with my money and therefore made the decision to purchase just one of the products, 'Soak Opera'.

Soak Opera

First, let's talk about the packaging. I absolutely love the shape of the bottle and the pinky coral colour of the lid and lettering. It really compliments the gold detailing and feminine design. The bottle actually is somewhat reminiscent of the bioderma bottles. Another thing I love is the names of the products, 'Soak Opera' it is such a wonderful little pun and totally suits Zoes character.

Now the most important part, the product itself. The first thing that I was excited to check out was the fragrance. It's a really fruity floral perfumed smell, its really girly and feminine which is right up my alley. It lathers amazingly and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and smelling delicious.

Another great factor about Zoella Beauty is that the products are so reasonably priced at just £5.00 for the body cream, shower gel, bath bomb and candle. The body mist and make-up bags are also priced at just £8.00 making them really affordable.

I am really tempted to buy some more of her range, my Christmas list has been started.. haha. If you fancy trying out some of Zoe's products they are sold on both Superdrug and FeelUnique.

Well done Zoe!

Have any of you tried the ZoellaBeauty range?