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7 July 2014

21st Birthday Celebrations | Part 2

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me! So that's it another year older.. I have reached the grand age of 21 and now another milestone Birthday shall not arrive until I'm 30. Now that is scary.

I have been thoroughly spoilt this year by my lovely friends and family. I received some beautiful Swarovski jewellery off my best friends, a Michael Kors watch off my parents, a Michael Kors bag and MAC make-up off of my wonderful Fiancé and lots more amazing and thoughtful gifts. I am extremely grateful for everything I received this Birthday and it's sad that it's over now for another year.

The day started early with me opening my presents like an eager child on Christmas morning. It was then spent a little more grown up with a champagne breakfast in the garden whilst the sun beat down on us. There is nothing better than sipping on prosecco and eating strawberries in the summer sun. I spent the majority of the day relaxing and having some me time, which has been rather lacking as of late.

When evening rolled around me and my family went out for a nice three course meal at a local pub. I can certainly say that I have been well indulged this birthday, not only with beautiful gifts but with divine food and plentiful amounts of alcohol.

My mum, dad and Fiancé have made my Birthday very special this year and I am eternally grateful for having them in my life.

Now that my Birthday has passed it is actually only 6 days until I set off travelling around Europe, and even though I have done lots of preparation, I still feel totally unprepared. I am the type of woman who likes to plan. I like to prepare, I make lists, I research everything, I re-make lists. It's just who I am, however with a trip like this it is impossible to plan every minute to the T, and winging it is a scary prospect to me. They always say an unplanned journey is the best, let's hope they are right.

So here's to being another year older, yet probably not any wiser!

Thanks for reading!

6 July 2014

The Sunday Post | 21st Birthday Celebrations

Hello Lovelies,

Well this weekend has been jam packed with activity! Friday I finally had my hair done after months of it being ignored, it has finally had a new lease of life. I have had a full head of highlights and a good cut. It feels so much better now.

Then Saturday night me and all our friends all decided to go out for my 21st Birthday which is actually tomorrow! We had a little pre-party at mine with cake, strawberries and champagne. The night was full of vodka jelly shots and dancing. The perfect way to spend my Birthday with all my favourite people. My dress is from Marks and Spencer's, I hunted everywhere for a smart fitted dress and finally found the perfect one. If you know me by now you will know I like a good monochrome outfit. I had a bright pair of coral stilettoes from New Look to add a pop of colour to the outfit.

Today will be spent relaxing and recovering at home, probably reading blogs and drinking endless cups of tea. Am I getting too old for this? Haha.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

4 July 2014

What's In My Travel Toiletry Bag

  So some of you who have been reading my blog posts may have noticed that I am going travelling around Europe for a month, well that trip is now only 10 days away! I thought I would do a series of posts aimed at my trip in terms of what I'm taking with me.

I thought the perfect first post would be to share with you what I am taking with me toiletry wise, a  month is a long time and toiletries are possibly the heaviest items you take away with you.


This is all I'm taking with me skincare wise, don't fret though! The first place we are visiting on our trip is Paris, it is famous for it's excellent skincare lines and therefore I have already pre-written a list of skincare items I am wanting to pick up. I thought it would be better to just take the bare essentials and then I can purchase some products I have been wanting to try whilst I am away.

So what am I taking?

-Face wipes:
perfect for taking off the bulk of your make-up before cleansing, good for cleaning hands or freshening up. They are excellent multi-use items and therefore they made it into my toiletry bag.

- St Ives Apricot Scrub:
I am bringing the mini travel version of this scrub, I don't use exfoliators often as my skin is quite sensitive, however, with the different weather we are likely to experience I know my skin will go dry and flaky in places. This scrub is the perfect solution to any problem skin patches.

- Simple Moisturiser:
This is another travel sized bottle and is perfect for popping on your face morning and night just to give your skin a boost. I love simple as it is a kind to skin company and doesn't contain anything harsh that could irritate my skin.

Hair care

Again I am taking the bare essentials with me, it is difficult to take numerous hair products when you are travelling on a budget like we will be. Hostels tend to have shared bathroom facilities and therefore hair masks are a nono, it will be 10 minute showers only for me.

I am taking:

-Tresemme 24 hour body shampoo and conditioner:
I love Tresemme as their shampoo and conditioners are so hydrating for the hair, as you can see these bottles are both miniatures. I thought shampoo and conditioner are easy to get a hold of and therefore buying large bottles was just unnecessary.

- Batiste Dry shampoo:
I am obsessed with Batiste dry shampoo, I go through bottle after bottle. With me having quite fine hair I try and avoid washing it every day and therefore on the days were my hair looks greasy this is the perfect solution. It doesn't leave your hair looking grey or powdery and smells delicious. Perfect for those mornings when we don't want to spend time queuing for the showers.

- Insette extra hold hairspray:
Forget all these fandangled new volumising, shine-giving hairsprays and stick to a golden oldy, Insette. Although it does have the old hairspray smell it does an amazing job in holding the hair in place and flattening any stray fly away hairs.


So the little bits and bobs that fall into a category of their own, but are equally as essential as the rest:

- Natural Collection shower gel:
Fruity, body wash- essential for every trip you take in order to keep clean and smelling lovely. What more can I say.

- Sure deodorant:
Another vital essential in terms of keeping clean and fresh is deodorant, I take it everywhere and this mini version is great to pop into your bag so that you smell fresh all day long.

-Colgate toothpaste:
Dental care is important, especially when you will be indulging all those sweet pastries hehe!

- Wash cloth:
For cleansing and removing make-up in the evening or having a wash in the morning. Multi-purpose too which is always a bonus!

Also some items that aren't photographed but will be in my toiletry bag:

-Nail file

Hope you have found this useful, especially if you are going away this summer maybe on holiday, to a festival or on a trip like me!

Are you going away this summer?

1 July 2014

New In - MAC Lipsticks

impassioned- MAC Amplified Lipstick
Girl about town- MAC Amplified Lipstick
Impassioned applied to the lips
Girl about town applied to the lips

On a recent shopping trip I decided to pop into MAC and treat myself to some new lipstick, yes just the one..Well the intention was there but I fell in love with both of these colours.

Impassioned is a bold orange toned pink and looks lovely on the lips. The amplified formula means that the colour is completely opaque and that the texture is very creamy and hydrating.

Girl about town is more of a blue toned pink, it is also an amplified lipstick so again the colour is opaque and the application is creamy. The bonus to a blue toned pink lipstick is that it makes your teeth appear whiter!

If you have read my blog for a while now you will already be no stranger to the fact that I love a good bright coloured lip, and that some of my favourite shades to wear are reds and pinks. I think that they flatter my skin tone and are also universally wearable colours.

If you are looking to invest in a good bright lipstick then I would definitely recommend a trip to your nearest MAC store, the lipsticks are my favourites. They retail for around £15.00 which is on the pricier side, however, I do think they are worth the bit extra as they apply so nicely to the lips and the colour range and formulas are exceptional.

Do you have a favourite MAC lipstick?