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15 February 2014

Date Night

Hello lovelies,
Hope you all had a lovely Valentines day, unfortunately I forgot to take any outfit photos but I thought I would share with you the few photos that I did take :)

Me and Stephen went out for a meal and then had a relaxing night in, the perfect night for me ! Haha. Tonight we're going to the theatre so hopefully I will make time to take some outfit pictures for you.

I wore:
Black Blazer from Select
Grey and cream patterned tea dress from Primark
black tights
black heeled boots

Yum, Yum, Yum, how could you say no?

A little gift for me ;)

Thanks for reading, let me know how you spent your day.

14 February 2014

Lusting After..

Hello Lovelies,
it seems I have an addiction, an addiction to checking the new in section on clothing websites. It's like a religious routine that I check everyday what new stock had come in, my favourite places to check are Select, New Look, Asda, Miss Selfridge and River Island. It's not good news for my bank balance and I think I may need to try and quit looking as saving is hard as it is never mind filling myself with temptation!!

That being said I have put together some of the things that caught my eye recently, it will save yourselves from having to look through the new in sections ;)


Polka dot collared dress- select- £12.99

White 3 qtr sleeve skater dress- select-£14.00

White biker coat- select- £22.00

Nude cut out shoes- asda- £12.00

Floral shirt- New look- £19.00

Black strappy lace trim dress- New look- £19.99

Tribal necklace- New look- £9.99

So there are a few of the things that caught my attention. I love neutral colours at the minute, monochrome, nudes and greige. I find that you can play around more with accessories when your outfit is a neutral shade and that's what I love about the tribal necklace, paired with a plain white t-shirt it would be the perfect pop of colour.

 The weather is depressing me just lately, all we have is rain, rain and rain. To the extent in which many coastal places have actually flooded, I'm fed up of the dreary weather and yearn for the warmer climate.

Enough of me rambling on, Hope you all have a lovely day

13 February 2014

Valentine's day pamper session

Hello Lovelies!!
As we all know Valentines day is tomorrow and I thought what a perfect time to write about pampering. Now pampering sessions do not need to be saved for special occasions, I think its nice to have an evening or day to completely indulge yourself in luxurious products. However saying this I find Valentines day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself :)

Most of the time its difficult to fit in a face mask, we find it hard to stop and take 20 minutes just to relax. However when I have an all out pampering session I love to use this Avon clay mask, it gets rid of impurities yet is gentle and not drying on the skin.

This product is my new love, it's the simple foam cleanser and it is brilliant! I don't know if its the foam consistency or formula but it suits my skin perfectly and although I still love my l'Oreal cleanser this may have just pipped it to the post of being my favourite. Simple's products are very gentle on the skin and therefore don't cause it to become tight or dry and that's what I love about it.

The next stage in my ultimate pamper session is the feet, now these poor things often get a little neglected other than the quick lick of paint on the toe nails. Just think how much you stand and walk a day! These little troopers need a treat every so often and the heel genius foot cream by Soap and Glory is amazing, it softens hard skin and also smells lovely too. I like to (or get my partner to) massage this in to my feet in order to give them a bit of rejuvenation.

What says Valentines day better than a red nail polish, I have gone matchy matchy this Valentines and painted both my toes and finger nails in this red gelly polish by Barry M. What I love about these polishes is that because they are a gel they leave a beautiful glossy finish, they make you feel and look like you've had a professional manicure!!

After the face mask and foaming cleanser I like to use a good moisturiser to soften the skin after giving it a good clean. I have an oily t-zone but the rest of my face gets quite dry, particularly in winter. After all this dull miserable weather we've had in the UK it has left my skin feeling a tad lacklustre and in definite need of a pick me up and this moisturiser certainly provides it.

I like to keep the skin on my body feeling soft, especially my legs and arms. I think that having smooth soft skin makes you feel sexier and that's always a good thing, especially for Valentines day. I like to use the righteous butter by soap and glory because I love the smell of it and the thick consistency provides a lot of nourishment for the skin.

Now fake tan might now be in everyone's pamper routine but I find that I feel more body confident when I have my fake tan on. I think it makes me appear thinner and less lumpy! I don't know if this is in my imagination or not but there we go. If being tanned makes you feel good then go with it, I find i feel more confident with it on. If you have seen my fake tan routine you will have already heard me rave about this product, if not then it is the mousse tan by St Moriz which retails at £2.99. It is the perfect colour brown you not look orange or streaky and I find it is so easy to use.

Finish off with a spritz of your favourite perfume, i like to spritz a little in my hair so that when the wind blows you can smell it :)
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day whether it be with your partner, mum, friend or even yourself, remember to treat yourself as it should be a day about loving yourself as well as others


9 February 2014

Tea & Champagne

Hello Lovelies,

Today me and my fiancé went to a tea and champagne afternoon that we were bought as a gift for Christmas. I thought I would share my outfit and a few photos with you :)

Faux Fur Jumper- Select
Check bodycon skirt- Select
Necklace- Primark

Outfit Paired with Blazer & Black tights

Make-up- Ruby woo lip, winged eyeliner
So That is what I wore today, and now here are some photographs of the hotel that we went to and a cheeky snap of the food!

The bar area

The tea included sandwiches, mini cakes, jam & cream scones, a glass of champagne and 2 mugs of tea.

The outside of the hotel
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend

3 February 2014

Shades of grey | outfit of the day

Hello Lovelies!!,

I've been quite busy this week and ill unfortunately!! However, I was looking over my blog and realised it has been a while since I have done an outfit post. Now, I have good reason for this as I haven't particularly worn anything exciting to be honest mainly pyjamas !

I did however manage to snap a couple of pictures of what I wore today :)

Lace collar jumper: Primark
Black jeans: new look
Bag: Primark
Watch: stall in Westfield

Khaki Parka- Select
Tartan scarf- Select
Sorry about picture quality!! it was very early in the morning so the lighting in the house was terrible.

I love the detail of this collar- so pretty :)
I will be uploading some more outfit posts soon as I am going to a few nice places so I will actually be wearing some remotely interesting clothes!!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!