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1 May 2017

Our Scenic Break in Windermere | Day Three

Day Three

Day three saw us packing up our belongings and having our final breakfast at Ellerdene. We weren't ready to head home just yet, so we decided to take a detour up to Grasmere for the day. It certainly was an interesting drive through some very narrow winding roads, and I can say hand on heart I was so glad to see the car park!

We dropped off the car, popped on our backpacks and set off exploring. I really wanted to pick up some of Grasmere's famous gingerbread, so that was where we set off to. Along the way we spotted Wordsworth Daffodil Garden, which we decided to have a wander through.

 It was incredibly beautiful, all of the stones in the path had peoples names on them, which was interesting to have a nosey at. We saw where Wordsworth was buried in the grounds next to the daffodil garden, and stopped for a while to relax by the tranquil river.

After this we were intrigued to find Dove Cottage, where Wordsworth once lived. It was only a short walk away and we had a nice amble along looking at the lovely homes and countryside on our way. Dove cottage is a gorgeous white home nestled in a quiet lane. I can imagine that it would have been the perfect home.

Finally we got our Gingerbread! Sarah Nelson's is the only place to sell Grasmere Gingerbread. We bought 6 delicious slabs and popped them in our backpacks to enjoy on our picnic. It smells so delicious inside the shop that it's hard to resist buying some!

After some more walking and stunning views, we found the perfect spot to stop and enjoy our picnic.
It was right by the lake with the mountain tops in the distance. It looked like something off a postcard.

We snaffled our gingerbread, which I have to say is the best I have ever tasted! It was melt in the mouth gooey and crumbly. I will definitely be scheduling another Lake District adventure as the perfect excuse to go back for more!

After spending some time just relaxing and taking in the view it was time for us to head back to the car and make our way home. Our perfect scenic get away had come to an end.

We had such an incredible time in this gorgeous part of the world, and would highly recommend a trip to the lakes. We certainly will be heading back again some time in the future.

Have You Been to The Lake District?

12 April 2017

Our Scenic Break in Windermere | Day Two

Day Two

We woke up bright and early, with a full day ahead planned out. We headed down for breakfast, before making our first pit stop at Homeground, for a delicious coffee. I love a good coffee and Homeground did not disappoint.

Fuelled by our coffee we headed off to our first destination, The Beatrix Potter Attraction, which is an interactive attraction that tells the story of both Beatrix Potter and her wonderful stories. Most of the tales are influenced by the beauty of the lake district. I can definitely see why she was so inspired by the gorgeous surroundings, they are enough to set anyone's heart on fire.

Once our imaginations had been taken on a whirlwind of beautiful stories, we made our way out of the exhibition, not before a quick gift shop stop obviously, and moved on to our next trip of the day.

We were taking a boat trip along the lake over to Ambleside. Ambleside is a gorgeous town in Cumbria, not far from Windermere and has lots of cute shops and cafes.

 We had decided to take a walk up to the Waterfalls and stretch our legs. It was a beautiful, if not slightly tiring walk! Definitely worth it though.

There were clusters of sunny yellow daffodils everywhere, making the whole walk feel magical and a bit like a forest wonderland. There weren't many other people walking this route, so it was lovely to just chat and listen to the bubbling of the water. We worked our way to the top and stopped for a quick break to enjoy the view, before making our way back.

We were quite tired and our tummies were rumbling by the end of our walk, so we headed to Daisy's Café, which I had spied on our way up to the waterfalls. I was smitten with the interior décor, and the food was delicious too!

Although I was tempted to have another coffee, you know me, I opted for a super sweet and refreshing strawberry milkshake. The fact it came in a milk bottle made it all the more delicious! To go with it I opted for a gooey cheese and onion toasty, it filled the spot just nicely. We passed on dessert as we had spied a chocolate café that we really wanted to go to back in Bowness, so that was on our agenda for the way back to our guest house.

After marvelling at some gorgeous homes, which there are plenty, we made our way back to the boat.

We arrived back at Bowness and made our way to Chocco Bar, for some, you guessed it, chocolatey goodness!

We headed back to our room to get ready for dinner, we were planning on going to a cute little pub called Brookside, however, when we got there it was packed full. Instead, we went back to the Lighthouse again, because we enjoyed it so much the previous night. This time it was for pizza and more cocktails.

We ended up buying some milk and having a coffee back at our room, for a night of relaxation before out last day in the Lake District. Rock and Roll I know!

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I hope you've enjoyed reading all about
Day Two of our Lake District trip!

4 April 2017

Our Scenic Break in Windermere | Day One

We recently got back from an amazing three day trip to the picturesque Lake District, it is the most beautiful place to visit, with gorgeous winding paths, stunning views and quaint shops and cafe's.

 I wasn't really sure how to write up a post about somewhere that's so breath-taking, words don't do it any justice. Never the less, I wanted to share with you what we got up to, and some recommendations of places to eat and drink, which there are so many amazing places!

Day One

It was an easy journey from the East Midlands, that took us around 3 hours. This may seem like a long time but the drive there provided some spectacular views, that you'd find it hard not to enjoy the trip. We stayed at the adorable Ellerdene B&B, which I will be writing a whole separate review on.  Once we had settled ourselves into the room we took off to explore the shops, and of course, the lake.

The weather was perfect, a proper, sunny, spring day. We pottered along hand in hand, mooching in and out of shops. My favourite's were Daisy Chain and Forget me Not, which sold some stunning home décor items.

After I had filled my shopping urge we headed on down to Bowness on Windermere to see the lake. It was about a 20 minute amble, passing more beautiful shops and cottages.

All of that walking made for thirsty work, which brings me on to my first, must visit Cocktail Bar, The Fizzy Tarte. If you aren't captivated by it's gorgeous outdoor snug area, then the cocktail list is sure to get your juices flowing.

I had an Elderflower Fizz, which is the perfect cocktail combination for me - Gin, Champagne, Elderflower and Lemon. It was zingy and delicious! Plus it was Happy Hour, which made it go down all the more easily. The super sexy, creamy concoction, pictured next to my Elderflower Fizz, was a Brandy Alexander that my husband ordered. If these alone aren't enough to tempt you, The Fizzy Tarte's also a patisserie! Cake and Cocktails? Yes Please!

The Evening saw us heading to for some scrumptious pasta. The service was incredible and the food was absolutely delicious. We went all out and even ordered dessert, which I had a Cookie Dough Cheesecake, I cannot even begin to tell you how mouth-wateringly delicious it was. I didn't take my camera out with me at night, but believe me when I say it's a blogger's dream restaurant, with gorgeous marble table tops and a pretty starlit ceiling. I'd also highly recommend the Hansel & Gretel Cocktail!

When we had finished we headed over to a cute pub called Crafty Baa, that had an adorable exterior donned with fairy lights. I ordered another Gin, whoops, and the glass was literally the size of my head. We sat and chatted a while before heading back to our B&B.

Hope you've enjoyed part one of my Lake District Diaries!
Part two to follow soon.