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11 January 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette Review

Just before Christmas I decided to treat myself to Urban Decay's new palette that was collaborated with Gwen Stefani. I was immediately sold by the packaging, let alone the beautiful choice of shadows inside. Urban Decay are my go to brand for eye shadow. I have all 3 of the Naked Palettes and was very tempted by the Smokey palette, however, because I'm very fair I didn't think I would get the most wear out of it and sorrowfully decided not to buy it.

What grabbed my attention with this Gwen Stefani Palette is, that not only does it have a beautiful selection of neutral tones, it also has some striking pops of colour too for those brave days.

The palette contains 15 shades, ranging from beautiful champagnes to vivid blue. There are 10 neutral toned shades and 5 colourful shades. I really love the burgundy shadow, it's perfect for this time of year. My favourite shade in the whole palette is 1987, which is a really pretty gold. I regularly like to wear a light brown smoky eye with a pop of gold in the centre, and this palette is perfect for creating this look.

The colours are very pigmented and blend together beautifully, enabling you to create so many versatile make-up looks. I created this look using 'Bathwater' all over my lid, which is a pretty peachy gold. I then used 'Anaheim' in the crease and finished off the look with a pop of '1987' in the centre of my lid. I can't wait to experiment more with the different colour combinations and create some unique looks.  It's definitely a palette that will take you through the seasons, as the light champagne and peach tones will look pretty for summer, whilst the dark browns and burgundy's will look sultry for the winter.

Overall, I really can't fault this palette. The packaging is sturdy and easy to keep clean. The shades are versatile, yet very wearable, and all of them are hugely pigmented and easy to blend. What more could you ask for in an eye shadow palette! 10/10 Urban Decay!

What's your favourite eye shadow palette?

7 November 2015

Clinique 'Cherry Pop' Lipstick & Primer

I picked up Glamour Magazine recently to see the lovely Tanya Burr's segment, and was blown away about the fact it had a free Clinique product with it! The one I picked up had 'Cherry Pop' lipstick with it, which being a bold lip worshipper, I was over the moon about!

I love getting mini samples to try, especially lipstick, as it's hard to judge whether the colour will suit you from just a swatch on the back of your hand. These cute little mini's are also perfect for popping in your clutch bag on a night out too.

The packaging itself is beautiful, the main body of the packaging represents the colour of the lipstick. This is great for helping you pick what kind of shade your looking for. The lid is a stunning metallic silver, with Clinique printed on it, which adds a touch of luxury to the product.

If you've been around my corner of the net long enough, you will have noticed I have a penchant for red lips. From Mac's Ruby woo to Rimmel 107, I just love them.

I was very impressed with the finish. I'm normally more of a matte girl at heart, but this formula is very moisturising due to it, not only being a lipstick, but also a primer! I've never come across this type of lipstick formula yet, but I really like it. Your lips are left feeling soft and velvety.

Look at that colour pay off! I didn't expect the formula to be so opaque with it being a moisturising lipstick, but I was nicely surprised. It really is as it's name suggests, a bold, pretty cherry red. Perfect for the upcoming festive season. I'm tempted to buy some more of the collection, as the formula is just so good.

Have you tried any of Clinique's lipsticks?

2 November 2015

Lush Christmas Collection Haul

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Now that Halloween has passed and it's November it's practically Christmas right?!
I popped into Lush a couple of days ago after seeing everyone's new season hauls popping up in the blogosphere. I had a good nosey at what people had picked up and made my selection.

It was hard to resist buying everything glittery in sight! However, I pulled in the reigns and chose just four products. These four products are the best in the Christmas collection for me. I did adore all the pretty bath bombs and bubble bars, but in reality I never get chance to have a nice long, relaxing bath and instead opt for a shower, which is why I only picked up the one bubble bar.

The first product I chose was Santa's Lip Scrub

One of the things I suffer with a lot during the cold winter months is dry lips. I have tried the old toothbrush trick but find it to be a bit too harsh, so when I saw this cute lip scrub it went straight into my basket. Not only is it Cola scented, but it's also edible! It literally makes me think of the Cola Christmas Truck adverts. The scrub is very gentle due to it being made with caster sugar, dates and cherry scrub. Leaving your lips perfectly polished, essential for those Christmas kisses *wink wink*

Santa Baby Lip Tint

Santa Baby is the perfect accompaniment to Santa's Lip Scrub, its a stunning ruby red and smells just like cola, the same scent as the lip scrub. It's the perfect festive lip colour and is sure to make your lips look irresistible under the mistletoe. The lip tint contains carrot oil and shea butter, both of which help nourish your lips, leaving them feeling soft and hydrated. The lip tint also has a hint of cinnamon which is sure to give your lips a little extra seasonal flare.  This is going to be a definite handbag essential this party season.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Snow Fairy is a cult Lush product within the blogging community, and you can see why. It smells really sweet with a hint of candy floss and bubble gum in there. Snow Fairy is only available within Lush's Christmas Collection, and therefore if it's a scent you love I'd recommend stocking up! It leaves your skin smelling fantastic, and is really revitalising, which is needed during these darker months.

Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar

The final product I picked up is the Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar, which is practically Christmas encapsulated in one product. It's green, glittery and has a warm spicy scent to it. What more could you ask for in a Christmas Bath Product! I'm definitely going to be using this one before a Christmas Party to give my skin a very festive shine.

So there are my top picks from Lush's Christmas Collection this year. I think the products I've chosen are perfect this season, with plenty of glitter, festive scents and red and greens thrown in for good measure. Let the party season begin!

What are your favourite Christmas products from Lush?

10 October 2015

The Perfect Primark Lip Liner

When I was browsing the aisles of Primark last week, I popped over to the beauty section to grab my favourite eye liner and stumbled across this lip liner. I'm really impressed with Primark's range of make-up, it seems to keep growing, and the quality is really lovely too!

This particular lip liner took my fancy. It's the perfect dark nude shade for Autumn. I find nude lipsticks really difficult to wear due to having such a fair complexion, however, I think this particular shade suits me quite nicely. It makes my skin tone look warmer.

Primark lip liner

The only gripe I have is that the lip liner doesn't appear to have a name, so I've tried to capture the colour of it as best I can for those of you who want to try it out. For the price, it's definitely worth trying, even if, in the end, you decide it's not for you.

The packaging itself is a very clean, black and gold design. I love gold on anything at the minute, and I have somewhat become a magpie for it!

The pigmentation is excellent, the liner comes out slightly creamy and very opaque. I'm a huge fan of a matte lip in Autumn, and therefore decided, after testing it out of my hand, that I would apply it all over my lips.

primark lip liner

I really liked how the lip liner looked by itself and the staying power was so much better than your standard lipstick. It lasted most of the day, even after eating and drinking, which is a definite bonus when you work long days like me.  I'm always looking to improve the longevity of my make-up.

The pointed tip makes it so easy to get a perfect outline, enhancing the natural shape of your lips.  At the same time the formula makes it simple to use all over. It's a win win situation in my eyes!

Overall, what I love most about this Lip Liner is not only the amazing price, but also the longevity. The less you have to re-apply, the longer it should last. Essentially more bang for your buck! The colour is so lovely and autumnal too, I can see it fast becoming my go to lip product. Although, I may have to find a good lip salve for the winter, as the product is mainly matte in texture, which could be a dry lips worst enemy. Considering all of the elements, this liner gets a 10/10 from me, hats  off to Primark for having the best autumnal dark nude lip shade.

What's your favourite autumn lipstick?

6 August 2015

Sleek Au-Natural Palette Review

One of my lovely friends, who clearly knows me very well, bought me this palette for my Birthday last month. I have given myself plenty of time to give it a good trying out and I really like it. It's right up my street colour wise, I love a bronze smoky eye for a night out or a very neutral eye for the day time.

The packaging is well suited with it being plain black plastic, however, it does get dirty quite easily so that's something to be aware of! I get foundation fingerprints all over it. Oops!

The colour pay of is very pigmented and quite velvety to the touch. The colours blend beautifully together, making it a very good palette to create fun sultry smoky looks.

I have found that orange gold tones really suit my blue eyes and this palette has two lovely orange golden shades that look perfect together. There are 12 different shades in the palette, the top 6 are very much golden neutral day wear shades and the bottom 6 are more dark sultry evening wear shades. There are a good mix of both shimmer and matte shades which I love as not many palettes have a good mix, you normally have more of one but this palette has 5 matte shades which is almost half of the palette.

I'm not a fan of the brush that comes with the palette, like most of the palettes I own. I tend to stick with my real technique brushes as I find they pick up the shadow better and therefore aid the application of the eye shadow.

I love how slim the palette is and also how it comes with a large mirror, making it a very useful palette to take travelling. This is always a good selling point for me as I love being able to have a range of looks in one small compact palette.

Overall this palette is really lovely, the quality and range of the shadows is excellent and very versatile, I would definitely recommend this palette to those of you who love a good neutral palette.

What's your favourite neutral palette?

17 June 2015

What's In My Holiday Make-Up Bag?!

Packing Make-Up for a holiday is my favourite part of packing in general. I love picking out some of my favourite pieces to take and all the options i'll have. Bright lips are my 'thing' and a summer holiday is the perfect time to pull out those neon pink and poppy coral tones.

So let's dig in!

This is the make-up bag I'm taking, its a Ted Baker one that my lovely friend got me for Christmas last year. I really love the print and colours in it. It's also a very generous size which is handy for someone like me who likes to take a lot of make-up!

For my Face:

- Estee Lauder Double Wear
- Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer
- No7 Beautifully Matte Primer
- Make-Up Revolution 'Sugar & Spice' Blush Palette
- Make-Up Revolution Baked Highlighter
- Collection Powder

For my Eyes:

- Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (my favourite!)
- Primark Felt Liquid Liner
- Superdrug Edition 20 False Lashes
- Maybelline The Falsies Macara
- Collection Volumising Waterproof Mascara

For my Lips:

- Kiko '605'
- Mac Ruby Woo
-Mac Girl About Town
-Mac Chatterbox
-Mac Morange

That's everything I'm taking in my holiday make-up bag! Some of you may think it's excessive, others may think it's not enough but it's just the right amount for me. I hope to peruse around Duty Free before we jet off!

What are your make-up must haves for a summer holiday?

12 June 2015

How I Get Bikini Ready

So I'm going away in just 6 days! I cannot wait to get some sun, read a good book and sip cocktails by the pool. Bliss. However, I'm one of those people who doesn't feel confident in swimwear, and to combat this every year I go through a little routine that makes me feel better about myself and more confident in my bikini. I salute you ladies who exude confidence and strut your stuff pool side, and totally wish I could do the same, but alas I am one of those who is a little more self conscious. I thought I would share with you some of the things I do to help me feel 'bikini ready' for any of you ladies who feel the same way I do!

First things first is tanning! I don't really tan, pale skinned, blue eyed and blonde hair means the sun doesn't do much for me, unless you count making me resemble something of a lobster if I'm out too long in it! So I like to opt for faking it instead.

My favourite tan is the St Moriz Mousse in Dark. I have used this tan for years now and it's always been one that I go back to time and time again. It applies beautifully and doesn't leave me streaky which is perfect when my entire body is going to be out in my bikini!

I like to use an exfoliator first a few days in the run up to my holiday, I combine this with good lashings of moisturiser. I love the Vaseline Spray & Go as it dries quickly, but leaves my skin well moisturised. By doing both of these steps it helps make my skin smooth and soft, ready to apply the fake tan. This helps to keep the tan in place for longer, meaning that it's less likely to flake or go patchy.

I always feel so much more confident with fake tan on, I don't really know why. I just think I look a lot more toned when I'm tanned.

Whether you tan naturally or are a fake tan lover like me always make sure you take a good Sun Cream with you. I always ensure that I use a really good SPF, having fair skin means I'm more prone to burning and need a higher SPF to protect my skin. Fake tan alone doesn't have any sun protection in it so you need to make sure you apply some sun cream before you go out in the sun.

Another important step for me is hair removal. It is something I have tried and tested over the past few years.

I have tried hair removal creams, which I find work alright, but they don't always remove all the hair. Then there's waxing which I'm yet to find a way that doesn't leave my skin looking like a red plucked chicken. I could go and have it done professionally, but to be honest I like the privacy of my own home!

Finally there is my fail safe method of simply shaving. Now this method is the most thorough way for me, but the results don't last as long as other methods. Meaning that I take my razor with me on holiday to keep the pesky hair at bay. This doesn't bother me at all but some people may not want the hassle and therefore shaving may not be best for you if you don't want the up keep!

I've been considering getting an epilator in the future and see how that works for me, but for now I will stick to shaving.

A further tip that makes me feel good is finding the right bikini for me, a good cut and fit can do wonders. I prefer underwired bikinis over pure material ones as these give the best support. I also prefer a mid rise bikini bottom to low or high rise ones. Don't be afraid to try a few different styles to find a cut that you love and feel confident in, whether that's a two piece, one piece, tankini or otherwise.

By no means am I saying that in order to feel confident you need to do any of these things,  they are simply my personal preferences that I thought I would share with you.

So go out there and don that bikini with confidence!

Do you have any summer vacation beauty tips?


16 May 2015

Sneaky Boots Haul


On a recent girls day out we popped into boots, I had no intention of buying anything. However, after browsing the aisles there were a fair few things that caught my eye and I just had to make a couple of sneaky purchases! (I'm supposed to be saving!)


My first port of call was the No7 counter, the product of choice was the 'Beautifully Matte Make-Up Primer' I really loved the sound of this as I'm someone who suffers with fairly oily skin. I've always looked out for a mattifying cream but none ever took my fancy, this one however also promises improvement with blemishes. I was sold instantly. So how did I end up buying three No7 products you say when only one initially caught my eye? The '3 for 2' sign got me again. I really liked the look of this mascara, in a brown black shade, I thought it would be good for summer days and wouldn't transfer under my eye like my other mascara does. Finally I picked up the lipstick in the shade 'Blushing Rose' as I'm just a lipstick hoarder who can't resist a good pop of pink. Whoops!

Barry M

It didn't stop there, oh no. With the recent release of Barry M's new summer collection of  UV nail polishes I decided to pick up one for myself in a lovely nude shade, ironically named 'Like a nude'. Again, I was lured into another purchase through some tactical advertising of 'buy one get one half price' and picked up this lovely coral pink in the shade 'Passion Fruit'. They can see me coming a mile off with clever advertising!


My final purchase was this Eyelure brow pencil in the shade No30 Blonde. I picked this up because I really love MAC's brow pencil in 'Fling'. However, the price tag pulls at my heart (and purse) strings every time I need a new one. With all the saving I'm doing at the minute (Holiday, house and wedding!!) I wanted a more affordable alternative. This is when I stumbled across this little wonder. It even comes with a  brush to tame the brows after pencilling.

So there are my sneaky beauty purchases! It's only 5 weeks until I go on holiday so expect to see a few related posts in the near future! I can't wait.

Have you made any beauty purchases recently?

12 May 2015

Make-Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter Review

On a recent shopping trip I popped into Superdrug for a 'browse' - that's what I told myself. However, I ended up making a few cheeky purchases too. I really wanted to pick up a powder highlighter. I love my Mac cream highlighter in Luna but sometimes when my skin is playing havoc in the oil department it can make me look more greasy than luminous. Not an attractive look. Hence the reason for looking for a powder instead, I wanted an ethereal glow not a gooey look.

This Make-Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in 'Peach Lights' caught my eye and I decided that with my complexion it would be the perfect match. I'm fairly cool toned and although it has a peachy look to it the undertone is bluish which suits me. Mac Luna is a white/silver highlight which again if you have cool toned skin is very complimentary.

Make-Up Revolution Highlighter

What I like most about this powder highlighter is the fact it isn't really 'glittery' a lot of powder highlighters can contain large glitter-like particles than can leave you looking a little bit disco-ball-esque. This highlighter however is much finer and leaves more of a subtle sheen to the skin. I like to apply it to the tops of my cheekbones and under the arch of my brows to give my skin a nice healthy looking glow to it.

I have tried to take a photo of myself actually wearing the highlighter. However, I don't know about you other beauty bloggers but I really struggle to take photos of myself with my actual big camera. I have tried using a mirror and everything but the angle is always so awkward and in the end I resorted to using my front facing phone camera. This means the quality is no where near how I would like it to be but it's the only way I can manage to get a semi decent photo of my face! If any of you other bloggers have a camera without a flip screen please share how you take your make-up photos!

Camera quality aside I think you can still get the effect of the glow the Vivid Baked Highlighter gives, it just perks up my whole face and even when I have less sleep than I would ideally like I can look fresh and ready to face the day. I am very impressed with the quality and pay off of the product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality powder highlighter at a reasonable price.

You can pick up this highlighter from most Superdrug stores at the Make-Up Revolution stand.

Overall, I am really impressed with this highlighter, it applies well, gives a subtle glow to the skin and is reasonably priced. Win win in my eyes.

I have another Make-Up revolution purchase up for review soon in the form of a blusher palette, I want to have a bit more of a play around with it yet but keep your eyes peeled for that post!

Which do you prefer, a cream highlighter or powder?