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20 January 2017

How I Find My Style Inspiration

Fashion is very much an individualistic thing and with social media taking centre stage, there are so many ways to express your personal style. For those days where I'm left staring into the abyss of my wardrobe, wondering what on earth I'm possibly going to wear, I turn to a few, select platforms, to help give me inspiration.

The following platforms not only help me with my day to day outfit struggles, but are also really useful for; seeing the up and coming trends, helping you style specific pieces, or just for a plain old nosey at what other people are wearing.

 I thought I would share with you where I turn to for my style inspiration.

1. Instagram.

My favourite social media platform, I could spend hours scrolling through this app. I'm going to be featuring a blog post all about my 5 favourite fashion accounts on Instagram soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. However, it's not just about individual accounts, the use of the #hashtag also gets my creative fashion juices flowing.

 Most stores have clocked the effectiveness that social media has on fashion, and therefore have devised clever hashtags for individuals to show off their items. There's #myboohoostyle #imwearingri #thisisnewlook and many more. I love searching through these hashtags, as you get to see pieces from your favourite stores, styled by real people. I love to see how people style pieces differently, as this gives me my own ideas on how I would style it.

My number one fashion inspiration platform has to be Instagram.

2. Pinterest.

Pinterest is a site where you can create mood boards/wish lists by pinning pictures you like to 'boards', a bit like a virtual mood board. I literally love Pinterest, I have a home décor board, fashion board, travel board, you name it I have it. You can pin what your heart desires. It's a particularly great platform for fashion too, by typing in key specifics such as 'summer fashion' it brings up pages and pages of pictures that people have uploaded of their summer fashion looks. You can then pin these to your own board for future reference, like when you need a cute outfit for that girly picnic you have next week, or that date you've been looking forward to. You can also search for specifics like 'white tshirt outfit', and you will be shown hundreds of ways to style a white t-shirt. Great for those days where you just don't know what to put on.

3. Primania.

 If you've followed me for a while, you will know that I shop a lot at Primark. They have the latest trends for great prices. I love looking through Primania, to not only see how people have styled pieces, but also to see what's new in store. I can often be found on youtube watching Primark hauls and jotting down a quick wish list of things I need to pick up on my next visit. You can upload your own photo to Primania of yourself styling their clothing, this is then shared on their website where others can get inspiration from your style. I love it, yet still haven't plucked up the courage to post my own looks yet!

4. New In Section.

 Ahhh the one thing that makes my bank account cry, the new in section. I am forever re-freshing these to see what's just come in to store. It's a great way to see what trends are coming up for the next season, and also to help you see what items to expect in store. I like to see if I have anything similar in my own wardrobe, and then decided whether there are any key pieces I feel I need want to add to it. Beware though, things can get a little spendy.

5. Street Style.

I did a lot of this whilst backpacking around Europe. Find a cute coffee shop and perch outside and watch the world go by. Sometimes my greatest fashion inspirations are the people you see out and about doing their own thing. I love how unique everyone's style is, and this really helps me to develop my own personal style as well as admire other's. Grab yourself a cuppa and a notebook and off you go. Simple as that.

I hope this has helped you out of a style rut, or maybe your looking to expand your wardrobe for the new season ahead and didn't know where to start? Well all of these platforms are perfect places to begin, and most of them don't even require you to leave the house! Hoorah!

Where do you find style inspiration?