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9 October 2016

How To Nail Transitional Dressing

There's a chill in the air, stores are stocking up on those classic chunky knits, and everyone's got that twinkle in their eye for the festive season ahead. Yet at the same time, summer is desperately clinging on with it's last moments of warmth, and we're looking at our wardrobe in deep confusion.

It's too cold for that floaty, boho, summer dress, but too warm to pull on those cosy, roll neck jumpers. We are in the grey area of transitional dressing. One day the sun's shining, the next it's cold and gloomy. We're battling to keep warm, then sweltering under too many layers. How can we find the perfect compromise?

Here are my top tips for nailing transitional dressing;

1. Light layers are your best friend. Whether its a thin knit, maxi cardigan, or a structured, light-weight trench coat. They can be popped over a t-shirt for day's when it's still warm, or over thick, chunky, knits, for another layer of cosiness. 

This baby pink, boyfriend fit, Primark trench is the ideal transitional coat. It's light weight, relaxed fit, makes it an easy layering piece. I wear it with chunky cream jumpers, pretty dresses, and ankle boots. It's also perfect for making an outfit feel put together.

2. Tonal Dressing is the way forward. Classic pieces in creams, camels and browns make ideal pieces for transitional dressing. They are classic, easy to wear tones, and will last you all through the winter and into those early days of spring. They are also light in colour, making them wearable for those rare warm days. Pick breathable fabrics that can be worn over, or under other pieces. Cotton, linen and chiffon are great for this.

 I picked up this pretty, ruffle detail, cream chiffon shirt from New Look. You can wear a nude, or white, vest underneath it with just a leather jacket, or cardigan on top, for a warm (but not stifling) outfit. Or take layering to the next level by adding an on trend, flannel shirt on top, under that leather jacket. Swap the boyfriend fit, light wash jeans for a well-fitting pair of dark, skinny jeans. Et voila, perfect for all occasions.

3. Accessories are key. A classic pair of sunglasses can take you from summer to winter with ease. They are one of my wardrobe essentials, that I love to have in my bag at all times. Especially for those days when the winter sun is out in full force.
Thin scarves are also perfect for those cooler days, for that bit of warmth around your neck, when you don't want the restriction of a permanent roll neck. If you get too hot it's easy to take off and pop in your bag.
4. Look at what you have already, and only buy what you need. When winter hits, I have a habit of wanting to buy so many new clothes. Then I realise that I actually have some pretty good pieces already. Always look through your wardrobe and see what you can keep, and how you can make them work for autumn/winter.

Pink Trench Coat - Primark | Ruffle Shirt - New Look | Jeans - Asda | Bag - Primark
Hope you enjoyed my tips to nailing transitional dressing!