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28 February 2016

Victoria's Secret Eau So Sexy

 Who can resist a trip into Victoria's Secret!? Not me that's for sure, the store is like a treasure trove, and if I'm not careful I could easily spend a small fortune. On a recent trip I came across this cute set, 'Eau So Sexy'. In my never ending quest to become an angel, it was straight to the till.

 I was already sold on the stunning pink and black packaging, with the pretty bow detail and heart decal. Instagram Perfection. Obviously though, what really sold me was the scent!

The fragrance is a light fruity mist with a sexy warmth to it. It's such a feminine scent with notes of bergamot, paradise apple and Chantilly cream. I think the addition of the Chantilly cream makes the mist so much more than your average fruity mist.

As you can see by how much I've already used before reviewing it, it's definitely one of my favourite scents that they do!

I picked up the gift set just because who wouldn't want to smell doubly delicious? The spray itself gives a light, sheer fragrance, so to get the scent to be more long lasting I would suggest layering it with the lotion too.

It will be the perfect scent for spring and summer this year, though I might need another bottle before then with how quickly I'm getting through it!

What's your favourite Victoria's Secret Fragrance?