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25 January 2016

MAC x Ellie Goulding Lipstick Review

  As soon as I saw that Mac had brought out a range of products in collaboration with Ellie Goulding I knew I had to get my hands on them. I'm a total lipstick fiend and knew that's what I had to buy.

  The special, limited edition packaging of the range is absolutely stunning. It features Ellie Goulding's signature printed in metallic, rose gold and is set against a classic, glossy, black casing. It's practically a bloggers dream.

After some deliberation I opted for 'Only You', which is a gorgeous cream sheen, in a nude, beige tone. If you follow me on , or have read my blog for a while, you will know that I'm more of a bold lip wearer. Neutrals only really grace my eyes and not my lips. However, I really wanted to find a nude lipstick for those days I don't want to have too dramatic make-up.

 I opted for 'Only You', as it wasn't a pale creamy nude, but more of a darker beige nude, which I believed would suit me much better. Having pale skin means finding a nude shade is actually quite difficult, as they can often make me look very drained. With this lipstick however I find it doesn't do that.

 The cream sheen finish of the lipstick leaves your lips feeling very moisturised and soft. It almost creates a gloss effect, which, after wearing mainly matte lipstick for the past few months, is a refreshing change!

 When applied to my lips the lipstick almost looks like a 'your lips but better' kind of shade. It looks natural and muted. On first application it is quite a sheer swash of colour, but it can be built up to achieve this pretty tone. It's a perfect lipstick for those of you who love a more fresh, natural finish to your make up.

Overall, I am really impressed with this lipstick. It wouldn't be my usual choice, and I have always been one to avoid nude tone lips. However, this has always been because I have never actually found a one that suits me. Now that I have found one though, it is definitely a look I will be sporting more often. I like how it makes me look very fresh faced and natural. It will also be the perfect lipstick for the upcoming spring and summer months.

What's your favourite nude lipstick?