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22 January 2015

11 Thoughts You'll Have After Graduating University

Graduating University is on the best moments of your life, everything you had worked for lead up to this one moment in time. So what thoughts run through your head once it's over? Here's a few of mine!

1. That's It. I actually have to do something with my life now. On my own.

2. What do I even want to do?

3. Is it really over? No more student days.

4. Oh! No more student discounts. My poor bank balance is going to suffer.

5. NO STUDENT LOAN. No more feeling rich and splurging on nights out and clothes. I'm actually going to have to save.

6. No 4 month long summers to spend as I please. I will be working and watching everyone else enjoy the summer sun. Or one month off at Christmas to frolic at Christmas parties or lounge in front of the fire.

7. No more slaving away at the laptop trying to frantically finish that essay I knew I should have started weeks ago.

8. My education has ended, it's all I've known for what? 14 years. Maybe I should do a masters?

9. However, I actually have letters after my name now. Call me BSc.

10. I actually did it though. I finished a degree, even after months of crying over that dissertation- and I didn't fall over walking across the stage.

11. I am the master of commitment and dedication- can I rewind and do it all again?

Here are but a few of the things I thought after my . Let me know what thoughts you had when you graduated.