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11 November 2014

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Gingerbread Men

So just recently I have developed a little obsession with these little smiley creatures. Yes Gingerbread Men. Don't ask me why, but whenever I see one of them I have to buy it whether it's baking them, bath stuff or wearing them.

This cute little tin from Beauticology was found in Boots on a recent shopping trip. I was doing a spot of Christmas shopping and ended up popping him into my basket too.. Oops! The tin comes with two mini shower gels, one gingerbread scented with gold glitter in and the other cranberry scented. Now, I would love to shop in lush but the truth of the matter is that because I live in my family home  time for a bath does not exist. You could bet your bottom dollar that as soon as the bath has been run and one foot is in someone will need the toilet. Therefore I tend to stick to having showers. The set also includes a Vanilla Frosting body butter which smells incredibly delicious! This would make the perfect Christmas gift for any of the women in your lives, especially those who prefer to shower.

Another gorgeous set from Beauticology is this little Mug! I found this gem in Asda, I was already sold when I saw the gingerbread man but just look at the candy cane handle! It practically screams Christmas and festivity. This set also comes with the gingerbread shower gel, but this time instead of a vanilla body butter it's marshmallow scented. Yum. Again this would make a lovely present this Christmas.

Now if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I love to bake, whenever I have the kitchen to myself I love to have a go at something new. Normally I bake from scratch but this cute set was only £1.99 from PoundStretcher and I thought that it would be so easy to do if I only had an hour to spare. Although, I might try and twist it a little and add an extra something to the mix..Stay tuned for a future post hehe.

Finally who can resist a pair of cute socks, These came in a set of three. There was a; candy cane pair, a mini gingerbread man pair and then the ones I have on right now. If you ever need a stocking filler you can't go wrong with some pretty socks, they are just so handy to have. I always feel a little bubble of happiness when I pull out my festive socks on a cold winter morning.. does that sound sad? I hope not!

Now to find those gingerbread man leggings in Primark...

Hope you enjoyed my little post on my current obsession! Do any of you like gingerbread men?