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25 November 2014

Beauty | Make-Up Revolution- One palette, More looks.

Make-Up Revolution

So, there's a new kid on the block, and if you haven't heard of them then you have definitely been hiding under a rock. Yep I'm talking about Make-Up Revolution.

I've seen them popping up everywhere on the blog scene, twitter and in superdrug. So I thought why not jump on the band wagon and give them a go myself. I decided on the 'Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection''. There is so much choice of colours, and so many looks that you can create it just seemed the perfect palette.

The colour pay off is excellent, even with the lighter colours.

I thought that in order to give you a better look at just how broad the colour scheme is I would take a few close ups.

make-up revolution

make-up revolution

Although I'm a neutral girl at heart I love the fact that there a few bold colours to choose from for when the occasion arises, the blues and greens are another of my favourite selection alongside the pink toned gold's.

The palette was on offer when I bought it at just £10.00 when it should usually retail at £20.00! A steal in my eyes for how many good quality shadow's there are, even if the bright oranges and purples might not get used very much the neutral and jewel toned shadows really make up for it.

If your a bit of a shadow fiend like I am (I already have Naked 1,2 and 3!) then I think this would be the best palette to add to your collection, or if you have a friend who loves make-up this would be the perfect present this Christmas without breaking the bank. You can purchase the collection from Superdrug or Make-Up revolutions own website.

Have you tried any of the Make-Up Revolution collection?