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19 September 2014

White Duster Jacket

White Duster Jacket- Primark
Black top- Peacocks
Houndstooth trousers- Select
Black cleated sole boots- Primark
Fur Stole- Select
I have seen fur and longline jackets cropping up all over the fashion scene and I decided to combine what looks set to be the two key trends this autumn/winter.
Although, the weather is still fairly warm to say it's September which is why i decided to purchase this duster jacket in white. I think the sleek heavy fabric and stark white colour give it a sophisticated edge. If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I love a monochrome outfit and this is very much that. Houndstooth is another trend that I have seen being incorporated into pieces for this season and I love these trousers.
If you are looking for a good pair of boots this winter then I would say head over to Primark as they have a really good selection at the moment, these cleated sole boots were only £15.00 and I have already worn them loads.
Maybe I shouldn't be so eager to get my winter wardrobe in, but I just can't help but love layering textures and fabrics.
Are you preparing your wardrobe for the seasonal change?