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7 July 2014

21st Birthday Celebrations | Part 2

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me! So that's it another year older.. I have reached the grand age of 21 and now another milestone Birthday shall not arrive until I'm 30. Now that is scary.

I have been thoroughly spoilt this year by my lovely friends and family. I received some beautiful Swarovski jewellery off my best friends, a Michael Kors watch off my parents, a Michael Kors bag and MAC make-up off of my wonderful Fiancé and lots more amazing and thoughtful gifts. I am extremely grateful for everything I received this Birthday and it's sad that it's over now for another year.

The day started early with me opening my presents like an eager child on Christmas morning. It was then spent a little more grown up with a champagne breakfast in the garden whilst the sun beat down on us. There is nothing better than sipping on prosecco and eating strawberries in the summer sun. I spent the majority of the day relaxing and having some me time, which has been rather lacking as of late.

When evening rolled around me and my family went out for a nice three course meal at a local pub. I can certainly say that I have been well indulged this birthday, not only with beautiful gifts but with divine food and plentiful amounts of alcohol.

My mum, dad and Fiancé have made my Birthday very special this year and I am eternally grateful for having them in my life.

Now that my Birthday has passed it is actually only 6 days until I set off travelling around Europe, and even though I have done lots of preparation, I still feel totally unprepared. I am the type of woman who likes to plan. I like to prepare, I make lists, I research everything, I re-make lists. It's just who I am, however with a trip like this it is impossible to plan every minute to the T, and winging it is a scary prospect to me. They always say an unplanned journey is the best, let's hope they are right.

So here's to being another year older, yet probably not any wiser!

Thanks for reading!