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28 June 2014

Quinoderm Acne Treatment | A Review

Today I wanted to talk about the subject of Acne. Now by no means do I suffer from extreme acne, however, I do receive a monthly dose of hormonal acne. It affects my face, chest and back. I try not to let it get me down as it is just one of those things, however in summer it does make me feel a little blue as I get very self conscious about wearing vest tops.

A friend of mine works in a pharmacy and she recommended I try Quinoderm as it had worked well for her. I thought that I may as well give it a try and so I picked it up from my local Pharmacy for a mere £2.45. I didn't really hold any expectations about it as I have never tried any form of spot or acne treatment, I usually just let it take its course knowing that it will improve eventually.

The tube is 25g and contains the ingredients, benzyl peroxide and potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate. Benzyl Peroxide is known to have 3 main actions; it kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and helps to unblock pores. This means it is an effective spot/acne treatment. Potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate is another antifungal and antibacterial agent, giving Quinoderm a double acne fighting action.

Now due to the strength of the treatment it does dry out the skin a lot so if you already suffer from dry skin I would look into getting a good moisturiser if you are thinking about giving this product a try. From personal experience the cream has worked really well and after just one week of use I have already noticed a massive difference in the appearance of my skin, even the small under the skin blemishes have almost vanished! When it is first applied it does give a burning sensation, which is very unusual, however, it has not marked or burnt my skin so it must just be the benzyl peroxide getting to work. I applied it to the affected areas in the evening, showered in the morning and applied a huge helping of moisturiser. This has been an effective way of using the cream as my skin doesn't feel dry at all and the blemishes are definitely improving.

If you are considering using Quinoderm as an acne or spot treatment I would advise speaking to your GP first or the Pharmacist, especially if you have very sensitive skin. It is always best to seek the opinion of an expert as you don't want to cause your skin any damage. The bottle also recommends doing a patch test prior to full use as this will enable you to establish whether the cream is going to suit your particular skin type or not.

Overall, this product has really impressed me and is now going to be part of my regular skin care regime. Not for everyday use but definitely when the hormonal outbreak dawns on me!

Have you tried any acne/spot treatments?