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29 May 2014

MUA Fixing Mist | A Review

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist- £4.99- Superdrug

Hello Lovelies,

Recently it occurred to me that most of my reviews have been positive ones and that's probably because when I find a gem of a product I like to share it with you all. However, I also think that reviews that aren't always positive are helpful too. So here is one of those.

I picked up this product around a month ago now so I have had a good amount of time (and lots of hours at work) to test it out. The product is a make-up fixing mist which claims to; moisturise and hydrate skin, have an easy application and have 8 hours of fixing power.

Now, here is where the product gives me mixed emotions, yes I think it is very easy to apply. Once you have completed your make-up you just hold it at arms length and spritz in horizontal lines, easy enough. Yes I also think it gives your make-up a dewy fresh look. However, No it doesn't last 8 hours for me.
For freshening up your make-up midday I think it is perfect, however, in terms of it keeping my make-up in place it just doesn't work. I still have a lot of shine break through, creasing around my smile lines and eyeliner bleeding.

For this reason I would probably not recommend this product if you are looking for staying power for your make-up. If you are however looking for a product to re-fresh your make-up midday then this product does a good job for just £4.99. I'm not sure whether the fact that I have quite oily skin means that the product would be less effective for me than it would for someone who has normal to dry skin. So therefore if you have less oily skin it might be worth giving it a go. If you're like me and have fairly oily skin then I would say pass to this product.

There we have it guys, I hope you have enjoyed a slightly different review from me and if any of you have tried this product or any other fixing sprays please leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts on them!

Thank you for reading

27 May 2014

Recent Purchases

I know, I know I just did a home haul post! I seem to have been bitten by the Major shopping bug. I say major as I normally like to shop, but just recently I have been buying lots of bits and pieces. I blame the inconsistent weather we have been having lately, first glorious sunshine next persistent down pours. Yes that must be the reason ;]

Monochrome Bag- Peacocks

Pink rope necklace- Select

Monochrome Pumps- Peacocks

Grey Check Shirt- Select

These are a few of my more recent fashion purchases this month, all are still in stock as far as I know. I love the monochrome bag, it has one large compartment meaning I can fit everything and the kitchen sink in it! Also the pumps match it perfectly in texture and colour so I just had to have them. My love for check is still burning brightly with the new addition of this grey and white check shirt. I now have 2 pairs of trousers, a shirt and a skirt all in monochrome check.. Woops!!

Short and sweet this week!

25 May 2014

The Sunday Post

So here we are again, Sunday has rolled around in its usual sneaky manner. The weather this week has been a little rocky, some sun made its' way to us but it has mainly been a series of humid days and heavy showers.

I have decided that I needed a little lifestyle adjustment and have embarked on a healthy eating kick, I wouldn't say I needed to lose lots of weight but I was feeling slightly uncomfortable in my skin and decided I needed to take action. I haven't done anything dramatic, I've just cut out crisps and chocolate and made sure I get as much water and fruit a day as I can, also I shared with you my healthy ice lollies if any of you fancied a healthy alternative to a sweet cold treat. So far so good, I have lost 5lb. Ideally I would like to lose another 5lb so I shall let you know how I get on with it.

I have also been making a conscious effort with how I spend my time when I'm not at work, I feel like you need to make the most of your spare time so I have been out a lot enjoying the sun when it makes its appearance!

I finally decided to pluck up the courage and try out the 'milkmaid' braid. I have seen this style crop up on blogs everywhere and I have always loved how it looks on other people, but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out and I actually got quite a few compliments too! I may just wear it like this again.

More exciting things happened this week, our InterRail passes arrived! It's now only 7 weeks until we set off on our month long travels around Europe and to be perfectly honest I have never been so excited!! Also as a little side note it is 6 weeks until my 21st birthday too, I have began planning what I'm going to do. I didn't want a huge party so instead I am planning on having a pre-party at mine with cake and champagne and then heading out into the city to dance the night away with my friends.

Well that's about all I have to share this week, I have had the weekend off work so I spent it preparing posts and spending time with my Fiancé. I hope you all have had a lovely week :)

What have you been up to this weekend?

23 May 2014

Healthy Ice Lollies

Fancy a sweet cold treat when the suns out? Put down the sugary ice lollies and ice creams! These ice lollies are virtually calorie free, and taste delicious. I have been trying to eat a bit healthier before I head off around Europe, I thought the more I lose the more cake I can eat ;) Last week the UK saw the temperatures sore and I saw everyone and their dog with ice cream (not literally, thought it would be an interesting sight), I was feeling a little blue and decided to make my own cold ice treat. Then I thought why not share it with you lovelies. Enjoy!

What you will need:

- 1x bottle of flavoured water (always check the sugar content first)
- ice lolly moulds (I purchased mine from ASDA)
- fresh fruit of your choice Simple!

Just fill your moulds half way with your flavoured water then add your chopped fresh fruit. Fill to top of the mould and use the stick to shove the fruit to the bottom of the mould.

Pop on the lids and place them in the freezer overnight.

Et Voila! Healthy, low calorie, delicious cold treats!
Hope you enjoy and let me know if you make any!

20 May 2014

Home Decor Haul

So you may have read in my previous posts that somewhere in the near future I am planning on moving out, therefore I have been going a little home décor mad lately and thought I would share with you what I have been buying!

Now I have only included the décor bits as I don't think you will be interested in seeing pots and pans, which I have been buying. I actually got really excited the other day over pegs when I realised the ones I bought have little hearts on them, you may think I'm sad, but they are super cute.

Most of these items (in fact nearly all) were from a store local to me called Pound Stretcher or Home Bargains, cheap and cheerful. Also mini disclaimer I did buy all these with my own money :)

So here are a few of my purchases:

-Floral Chalkboard- Home Bargains: I Love This! I'm thinking of using it either for to-do tasks or meal planning, not quite decided yet!

- Owl Candles- Pound Stretcher- These were just too cute to ignore, I don't think I will be able to burn these. I just love them too much, I'm thinking of using them for décor purposes instead.

- ''King of the castle'' and ''Her Ladyship'' Mugs- Pound Stretcher- These are  hilarious and my other half is history mad so I just couldn't leave these in the store.

- Hanging Hearts- Pound Stretcher- What can I say they are adorable!!

- Home Hooks- Pound Stretcher- These will come in handy to hang guests coats or the jacket I am using most at the time.

- White floral frame- Card Factory- Now Card Factory is not somewhere you would expect to find home bits but this cute frame was only £2.99 and I love to have pictures up around the house.

- Glass Mason Jars- Pound Stretcher- I love these, I can't make up my mind whether to use them for beauty storage or have them in the kitchen filled with yummy sweets, any ideas?

- Cherry Vanilla Yankee Mini Candles- ASDA- These smell incredible, I'm obsessed with the red velvet but these are something else. If you love sweet fruity scents then you will want these!

Well there we have it, some of the little trinkets I have been buying lately for my future home, I can't wait until I can put them up instead of having to store them away. They are too pretty to be in boxes don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed reading

18 May 2014

The Sunday Post

  Another week has flown by in a flurry of sunny days, all of which were spent at work for me! It has been a very stressful, busy and hot week. However, I was determined to get my share of the glorious sunshine, so I ventured out with my Fiancé for an evening walk, ice cream and a few drinks Saturday night. Then today was spent at work again, it was busy, again. I managed to force myself to take the dog for a long walk despite my feet feeling like they are falling off.

Don't get me wrong, I love the hot weather, just not when I'm stuck in doors watching everyone else enjoying it. I am hoping next months pay makes up for it, I will certainly be spending some pennies. That is a fact.

This week I have been rocking the white nails, I think with my fake tan on they make me look even more brown. I love how neat and bright it makes my nails look whilst not being too in your face. If you haven't guessed already I am slightly obsessed with all things monochrome, now I know summer is here and I should be inserting more colour into my outfits but I just can't help wanting to wear black and white with a red lip (Ruby Woo by MAC is my favourite). I think it is a fail safe option and if I do get a bit chilly I can layer the look with my multitude of blazers.

I thought I would share with you my slice of sunshine, outside of work.


As you can see I was a little over excited about all the baby birds! I love ducklings, that mother duck must be one busy bird with 9 little ones to keep an eye on!!
Hope you all have had a lovely weekend,
leave me a comment letting me know what you have been up to!!

15 May 2014

The Perfect Base

Today I thought I would talk about my perfect base for make-up application. It has taken me many years to find the perfect face products for longevity, cover and suitability. I have quite sensitive skin and therefore I like to make sure a product will not break it out, I also have quite red toned skin and I blush easily so therefore I opt for a more full coverage look too. I have spent a long time looking for the perfect products and these are the ones that I have been re-purchasing over and over.

- Estee Lauder Double Wear in ''cool bone''
- Collection 2000 illuminating concealer in shade 1
- Mac Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in ''light''
- Studio blush trio
- Mac cream highlight in ''Luna''
- MUA Fixing Mist
For a long time most of my make-up was applied either by fingers or cheap make-up brushes, I made the decision that it was time to invest in some better brushes. After looking around I decided to purchase the Real Technique Face brush set, it has a brush for everything, some even multi-purpose!!

There is the Concealer brush, Buffing Brush and Contour brush. The big fluffy face brush is quite an old one from a set I was bought, it doesn't even have a name haha.

First I am going to apologise for the condition of my Collection 2000 Illuminating concealer, it has been well loved! I like to apply this in a V shape under each eye and blend using the Real Techniques concealer brush. I also like to put a little around my nose and if I have any blemishes.

Second is foundation, now it's no secret that I love Estee Lauder Double Wear, the consistency is amazing providing the perfect medium to full coverage, the staying power is incredible it can last my entire day at work and also the colour range is good meaning no tide marks around your face or neck. Due to the thicker consistency of this product I like to apply it with the Real Techniques buffing brush, I take a pea sized amount on the back of my hand, dab the brush in it and then buff it out in circular motions all over my face. You can build it up to a high coverage if you wanted too.

To set the foundation I like to use MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish Natural, I use the large fluffy face brush and sweep it across my forehead, down my nose and on my chin as this is where I experience the most oiliness. I tend to avoid my cheeks as I like to keep the look dewy and glowing.

With summer imminent (or so we hope) I have been reaching for more coral and peach toned blushes, the first coral shade in the Studio palette is a beautiful bright shimmery blush and applies well to the cheeks for a perfect flush of colour. The Real Techniques blush brush is excellent for this (as the name suggests ;)) it helps to distribute the colour evenly so you don't look like you have been slapped in the face!!

To complete the look I like to add Mac's Luna cream highlight to the tops of my cheek bones to add extra dimension to the face and then spritz the MUA fixing mist all over to set the final base. This adds extra staying power to the look and keeps it feeling fresh.

Here is the finished look, with the addition of some orange lipstick and winged eyeliner.

* I just wanted to say I know my brushes are dirty, I used them to do this make-up today, don't worry I do wash them!! HaHa

Do you have any Holy grail face products?